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Generate realistic photos of anything.  Imagine, describe and create those images within seconds.  Enhance your existing photos with our advanced AI engine.


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Convert Text to Images

Convert your text prompts into four high quality images in less than 20 seconds.  They’re original and all yours.  It’s unusually fast and accurate!

How It Works

Imagine, Generate,
& Share 🥳

Generate your art and share on our community feed with thousands of other creatives. Gather inspiration from others and create your own.

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Premium AI Tools

AI Avatar Generator

Utilize advanced AI Technology to convert your personal photo or selfie into a highly detailed and realistic artificial intelligence generated avatar, providing a unique and futuristic representation of yourself.

AI Editing Tools


Background Remover

Remove the background from your photos effortlessly. Just upload your picture, and our smart AI will do the background removal for you.


Image Upscale

Got a blurry photo? Upload it, and our AI will magically enhance the quality. Your old, low-res images will get a new lease on life.


Logo Generator

Instantly create several variations of a logo for your business using text prompts.


Image to Image

Want to tweak your image? Describe what you need, upload your picture, and our AI will make the changes accordingly. It’s like having a personal photo magician!


Image to Video

Transform any image into a captivating short animated video effortlessly with our innovative Image to Video feature.


Image to 3D

Turn flat images into 3D wonders. Upload your 2D image, tell us your 3D vision, and our AI will craft a dimensional masterpiece based on your description. Bring depth to your visuals!


Voice Cover

Generate songs featuring your favorite celebrity voices effortlessly with our advanced AI! Just a few taps away from musical magic.


Text to Audio

Make your text sound like your favorite celebrity’s voice or any custom voice with our AI.


Multiple Views

Create different angles of your image in just a one click with our generative AI feature. Simply upload your image and we’ll generate 6 different angles of that image for you.


Magic Mix

Mix and match elements in your pictures. Describe the changes, upload the image, and our AI will blend everything seamlessly. It’s like photo editing magic at your fingertips!


Dream Fashion

Try your dream dress on your image effortlessly! Upload your photo and the dress image – let our creative AI transform your style vision into reality.

easy to use interface

Text To image

Create your photos by entering a prompt, choose a desired output ratio, and select a preferred art style or “model” —simple and personalized.

AI Toolbox

Explore our AI Toolbox for advance image editing and generator tools with the power of our generative AI.              


Join our creative community, gather image ideas,  and showcase your art to thousands of fellow creatives.                                                                                                                                                                                

Social Profile

Build your audience using shared AI-generated avatars. Craft a unique community and engage with your own creatively generated personas.         




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What is MagicShot?

MagicShot is a cutting-edge app that transforms text into AI-generated images. With the ability to produce four image variations in under 20 seconds, it’s a quick and easy way to bring your ideas to life through visual imagery.

How does MagicShot work?

MagicShot utilizes advanced AI algorithms to interpret and visualize text input, generating four unique images swiftly and efficiently.

What makes MagicShot unique?

MagicShot stands out with its rapid image generation capability, providing users with four different versions in less than 20 seconds—a feature not commonly found in other similar apps.

What is the AI Toolbox in MagicShot?

The AI Toolbox in MagicShot is a powerful set of advanced AI image editing features. These include (1) Image Inpaint, (2) Picture to Picture, (3) Image to 3D & Text to 3D, (4) Image Upscale, (5) Extend Image, (6) Blip Diffusion, (7) Magic Mix, and (8) Room Interior (9) Background Remover.

Can I share my generated images?

Absolutely! MagicShot allows you to share your creations on our community platform. Join the community, where users can “like” and “remix” images, fostering a creative and collaborative environment. You can also share your generated images directly to your existing social media accounts through MagicShot.

What rights do I have over the generated images?

You have full rights to use the images generated by MagicShot anywhere you want. Feel free to use them for personal or professional purposes without any restrictions.

Is MagicShot suitable for professional use?

Yes, MagicShot is not only a fun and creative tool but also a valuable resource for professionals. The AI Toolbox provides advanced features that cater to a wide range of image editing needs.

Can I customize the generated images further?

While MagicShot generates images automatically, the AI Toolbox allows for additional customization. Experiment with advanced editing features to tailor the images according to your preferences.

How can I get support for MagicShot?

For any questions, issues, or feedback, our support team is here to help. Reach out to us through the app or visit our support page on the website for assistance.

Is MagicShot available on multiple platforms?

MagicShot is currently available on iOS only. We have plans to expand to web and Android versions soon.

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